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      Tan Tien Phong also get through all frontiers for border trades and transit cargoes to and/or from Laos, Cambodia and China whether by trucks, inland water-way or by international railway. Tan Tien Phong is in charge to arrange transit procedure in Vietnam and transshipment of cargoes. 

From/to China through following points :
Pingxiang (China) - Langson (Vienam), by trucks and international railway.
Dongxing (China) - Mongcai (Vietnam), by trucks.
Hekou (China) - Laocai (Vietnam) by trucks and international railway.  

From/to Laos through following points
Road no.217: Nameo (Vietnam) – Ban Loi (Laos), by trucks
Road no. 7:     Namcan (Vietnam) – Namcan (Laos), by trucks
Road no. 8      Cautreo (Vietnam) - Namphao (Laos), by trucks
Road no.12:    Chalo (Vietnam) – Thongkham (Naphao, Laos), by trucks
Road no.9:      Laobao (Vietnam) – Den Savan (Laos), by trucks

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